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Clarity means lucidity and transparency. Our aim is to convince our clients that our work is also defined by these standards.

Clarity is a privately founded and 100 percent Hungarian-owned consulting company based in Hungary, established in 2001, specialized in management and IT-related consultancy services, as well as the implementation of IT solutions for large companies. Our aim is to improve the business growth of our clients by developing their operational processes, as well as by applying innovative technological solutions available on the market. Our activities are implementation and solution oriented, because we know that only successfully introduced, result-producing solutions and proposals functional in practice offer true value for our clients.

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Our Team

We are proud of our colleagues and their professional excellence. Our team is made up of talented young people and professionals with outstanding professional experience, also recognized by the market. Our efficient yet mutually supportive operation and desire for continuous improvement motivate us every day to solve the challenges we face. In addition to high-quality work we pay attention to our environment (we operate as a Green Office) and social responsibility is also of paramount importance to us: every year we try to provide aid through specific actions for children and adults with difficult social backgrounds.

Bálint Andrási
Péter Lackó
Barnabás Gőgh


Optimizing system is a constant challenge for companies operating in the financial sector, as increasing business efficiency and reducing ancillary costs is one of the foundations of their competitiveness. In-depth analysis can identify new business opportunities while harmonizing internal and external processes. Our customized solutions include conceptual system design, requirements specification, quality assurance, or project management support.
We help government and municipal administrations, healthcare, and educational institutions to be more efficient. We have relevant experience in creating coherence between different areas, so we can vitalize operations with smart tools and useful knowledge. User satisfaction is the real yardstick for improving services. We offer solutions for complex tasks and specific IT problems that put your organization on a stable path of development.
The company that is responsible for the security of the uninterrupted supply of its millions of customers works with a huge amount of data. The slightest change in legislation, the importance of following the needs of consumers requires a dynamic attitude from utility companies. With the targeted development of the information technology background, the creation of high-quality databases, we introduce more efficient and sustainable solutions. Whether the goal is to reduce collateral loss of infrastructure or increase financial and management control, we will find the right strategy to deal with the problem.
Energy management processes in the day-to-day business make great demands on all the companies involved. Improving energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy production in total energy consumption entails the use and integration of new technologies. We build innovative solutions to the anomalies revealed by analyzing the processes which we can also rely on in another important area of energy management: performance optimization. With a secure and reliable IT system, the improvement of energy efficiency and the strengthening of end-user trust develop organically.
The telecommunications sector is a dynamic area where accurate knowledge of technological trends determines the right decisions. Efficient operation is essential for service providers, thereby radiating stability and innovation potential to market participants. By defining existing capabilities and anticipated future needs, we generate actions and projects that help achieve strategic objectives. In our unique migration program, the system automatically manages the different environments and checks the correctness and completeness of the related migration files.





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Szilvia Kelecsényi-Szűcs HR Manager

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