Behind the data migration

A migráció mögött - Esettanulmány

In information technology, data migration (or migration for short) is the concept of migrating data across systems. It involves the transformational transfer of data from one or more source systems to one or more new target systems, with the aim of controlling data quality and/or, in a controlled manner, improving data.

The digital challenges of today's world mean that we are faced with an increasing number of tasks that involve an order of magnitude increase in the volume of data stored, while the data content is becoming more complex and the relationships between data streams are becoming more difficult. All this poses major challenges for companies.

What factors can lead to data migration situations and what are the possible solutions?

Our colleague, Gábor Kovács, summarized the information on the subject in the following excellent professional material (Hungarian): ⬇ A migráció mögött 📄 🇭🇺

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