Internship life at Clarity

NEWS | Friday March 5th, 2021

In today’s interview we would like to show you what it means to be an intern at Clarity. We are talking with three colleagues, who had joined us in the autumn of 2020.


Clarity: First I would like to know where and what are you studying right now?

Levente: I am a BSc Business IT student at Corvinus University. I just started my 8th semester, and I hope this will be the last one, since all that remains is to write my thesis.

István: I finished my BSc studies last year in Finance and accounting at Corvinus University, and now I am an MSc student at ELTE doing Management and Leadership specialization.

Dániel: I am an MSc student at Corvinus and I learn about Business development.


Clarity: How do you manage your work along with your studies?

Levente: The last semester was one of the hardest periods in my life so far, because I had to perform in my studies, in a student organization and in my job at Clarity at the same time. Studying and working from home was a huge help for me, because I was able to allocate enough time for everything.  Nonetheless I believe that regardless of the virus situation it is possible to work as a trainee at Clarity besides studying, since my colleagues are very supportive and flexible when it comes to time management and scheduling.

István: At my university - even before the virus - we had already learned in a hybrid education system, which means we only had to attend personally when we had our final exams. Fortunately, Clarity is very supportive as we don’t have the typical 9 to 5 working hours. We have some flexibility as long as we keep deadlines.

Dániel: I joined the company in an easier semester, so I didn’t have much trouble with managing my work and studies. The exam period and the next semester was much harder, so I was really grateful for Clarity’s flexibility. I was always able to turn to my team with confidence and we have always managed to find a solution so far.


Clarity: How did your integration work out during COVID? How could your assigned instructor support you?

Levente I joined Clarity in September 2020, which was the beginning of the second wave of the COVID situation. For this reason, I was only once in the office  when we were led around, and I fortunately could meet some of my co-workers in person. After this, I worked from home and kept contact with others online Nevertheless, I had the opportunity to get to know Clarity and the team, thanks to the trainings, knowledge sharing events and the meetings. Among others, my instructor, Ildi was a huge help in my integration as I could turn to her with any question and she was always willing to help me. The weekly instructor talks were also helpful as they gave me the opportunity to share my opinions, insights and talk about how I feel about the company. Overall, I think Clarity managed the onboarding process in the best possible way, and although I prefer getting to know others in person, I still managed to build a good relationship with several people.

István: My first working day happened to be memorable, as it was the day when they tightened the home office rules, but I was lucky enough to meet some people and get to know our office. The professional and operative integration was much easier than I expected. There were some challenges due to the virus situation, though. However, there were a few opportunities when we were able to meet in person, such as the orientation day or the team excursion. In addition, there are monthly company meetings, professional or personal trainings, so despite the home office, there are opportunities to initiate conversations.

During the first week, everyone gets an instructor who helps their integration into Clarity. This was a very important thing for me, as I knew whom should I approach with simple administrative issues or questions regarding my personal development. This way, despite the home office, I never felt isolated.

Dániel: This is an extraordinary period for everyone. I am sure that it was harder to integrate in this situation, but I think that the meetings, the few times I was in the office and the fact that we could have our orientation day in person in autumn, made me feel that it went quite well despite the situation. The instructor assigned to me helped / is helping me a lot to get to know how Clarity works. I see a lot of advantages of the instructor system and I am sure that it helps a lot to every intern as they have someone to turn to with every question they have.


Clarity: Why consulting?

Levente: When I applied for a job at Clarity, I didn’t even know exactly what area I want to work in later. Since I’m studying Business IT, I definitely wanted to do technology-centric work, but that meant quite a few alternatives. During the years I was in a student organization, I had the chance to dive deeper into three areas: software development, technology consulting and business intelligence. Basically, all three of these seemed interesting to me in some ways, yet I ended up choosing business intelligence, because I like working with data. Still, I wanted to get to know more about consulting and gather experience. When I started looking for jobs, I came across various intern and junior positions, so it seemed obvious to apply for one. I chose Clarity, as I knew I would have the opportunity to experience working in several areas here.

István: At the beginning of our careers, it matters a lot how we are able to get to know many fields - this is especially true in the economic industry. By graduating from university, we don’t get insights into the real business processes. Consulting gives a lot of opportunities to learn about various industries, their business issues and how to find solutions to them, so we can gain valuable knowledge in a short time. Consulting is an area where you always learn something new and you can develop a lot professionally and personally as well.

Dániel: I believe that consulting is a colourful and complex job. I am constantly facing new challenges in every project and with every client. For me it is important that we are working together in teams, but you also get tasks to solve by yourself. I see a good balance of these two in consulting. I also find it an exciting challenge, because you have to feel confident in the professional part, in project management and in the area of business development as well.


Clarity: Based on your initial experience, what message would you send to those, who are thinking about internship application?

Levente: I think that Clarity gives a great chance to every intern to try themselves in different areas while getting a competitive knowledge. This is a good opportunity, especially for those who, like me, do not have an exact idea of what they want to work later. Thanks to the various and challenging tasks, you can develop continuously and reach higher levels. I really like working with the team, because we create a good mood, but in the same time we manage our work efficiently.  Humour is a big asset of the company, which helps a lot when it comes to a quick integration process. Last but not least, I feel valued at Clarity, everyone turns to me with confidence and they give me responsibilities in a good way, which makes me feel that I have an important role here.

In summary, I can recommend Clarity to anyone who likes team work, loves challenges and variety, and isn’t afraid to try themselves in a real business environment.

István: Being a consultant as an intern is an excellent opportunity, and for Clarity this is exponentially true. If you are interested in innovative solutions and consider yourself a solution-oriented person, I’m sure this job will meet your expectations. From the first day you can be responsible for many part of a project and even as an intern, you have the chance to initiate processes inside the company.

Dániel: If you are motivated enough, I think you should definitely get into this internship. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot from different projects and people, and you can get to know the structure of a well going company.  You can learn a lot about yourself as well, this experience will definitely help you realize what would you really like to do in the future, and in which areas you still need to improve. Oh, and don’t be scared, if you don’t know something in the beginning, you’re not alone! ?


Clarity: Thanks for your time and I wish you good luck! ?

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