Clarity hosted the PMSZ ambassadors’ latest meeting

NEWS | Friday May 5th, 2023

The Ambassadors' meeting of the Hungarian Project Management Association (PMSZ) was hosted by Clarity Consulting Ltd., where we discussed an exciting and topical issue with the ambassadors of the PMSZ members.

Participants included project management professionals, IT specialists and executives. We discussed the impact of artificial intelligence solutions, in particular ChatGPT, on project management. Thanks to this exciting and topical subject, the discussion brought up many interesting and new ideas about the application of AI in project management.

We place a strong emphasis on innovation and development and we were pleased to see the event provided an opportunity for participants to share their experiences, opinions and questions about the application of AI and to better understand its potential and limitations.
During the discussion, there was a lively debate on the question of who considers the ethical use of AI to be feasible. Data security was discussed, as well as the pace of development of AI applications, current and future uses.

Ottó Almacht, Ambassador of Clarity Consulting PMSZ introduced our company and Mihály Berndt, Data Science - AI expert, gave a thought-provoking presentation on the conceptual framework of AI and related current trends.

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