Clarity in the Cloud

NEWS | Tuesday February 13th, 2018

A few years ago we realized that the dynamic growth of our company can only be adequately supported by IT infrastructure if it is able to meet business needs with ease, fast scalability and high availability.

In the past three years we have gradually consolidated all IT services and systems in a virtualized environment. Our efforts were crowned by success, so nowadays all of our services have been moved to private clouds.

With this modern approach we not only achieved a decisive cost reduction, but our systems reliability and protection of our data also reached a higher level.

In relation to cloud solutions, we often hear the disagreement that releasing our data to third parties is risky. We believe that the private cloud itself can significantly reduce this risk and this way for most medium-sized companies can be a good alternative.

We will continue our work in the next few years with capacity expansion and introduction of new services.

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