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Orientation training 2019.

When somebody gets a new job, there is a lot to be done to get a quick fit in the new environment – and it’s not different at Clarity consulting. Getting all the necessary information in the beginning makes it easy to accommodate yourself to the new situation.

We at Clarity put a strong emphasis on continuous training of our colleagues, so we regularly hold various professional trainings. Recently, we kept an orientation program for our newest colleagues at the begining of october with great success.

The participants were able to listen to presentations about the history of our company, so they could have a better understanding of the organizational structure and our strategy. They had been able to hear about internal policies, ratings, and our own evaluation programme, and ask questions about these issues. They also became acquainted with the wonders of project management and gained knowledge of many corporate stories and experiences.

After all the professional sessions and presentations, we organized a Welcome-party for all the new members to fit into the workplace.


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