Professional day and excursion 06.08-06.09.

NEWS | Thursday June 22nd, 2023

As is our tradition, we once again organised our annual team-building trip, which this year was complemented by a professional day with a series of presentations. 

On Thursday morning, our team set off for Rácalmás and arrived at the Jankovich Mansion in the early morning. After a coffee break, our Managing Director Bálint Andrási opened our professional event in the conference room and introduced the speakers of the day. 

The presentations were informative, exciting and innovative: our colleagues presented current project case studies and methodologies in different areas of expertise (test management, migration, depersonalization, process management, business analysis, strategy planning, product design, version control) and diverse industries (banking, energy, construction, retail), and our colleagues presented the current development strategies of our products and services. 

The event was also enriched by non-project presentations: a presentation of an EU business development overview, the transfer of good practices for effective stress management, and an overview and analysis of the results of our internal satisfaction survey along two current HR actions, as well as a tour of the developments and results of our renewed performance appraisal process.

Following the professional event, we had a heated sauna and spa to recharge our batteries, and continued the evening with a buffet dinner and awards ceremony.

The annual Pro-Clarity awards were presented by our management, which are given each year to three colleagues in recognition of their outstanding and humble professional work over the year. A special feature of the Pro-Clarity Awards is that the potential winners are nominated by our staff through an internal application process, with the decision being made by the previous year's winners.

However, this year's awards ceremony was not only about professional success and recognition: we remembered a colleague who passed away and, for the first time this year, we presented the Expert Award, in her honour. This award is intended to represent long-standing professional commitment and unwavering dedication, outstanding expertise and unconditional professional reliability.  

After the awards ceremony, we closed the evening with a huge Clarity party, as usual: the DJ spun the best hits, we danced, played poker and had a good laugh. 

After breakfast on Friday, we headed to the Danube for a challenge: our brave and adventurous staff had the chance to try out dragonboat, and three of our teams competed in a house competition: congratulations to the winning team! 

Tired of dragon boating, our team replenished their energy stores with a generous lunch selection, as the activities were far from over. The afternoon continued with a GPS treasure hunt, where we were divided into small groups and had to search for puzzles hidden in the forest of Rácalmás using GPS, and find the answers to these puzzles. Even in the rainy weather conditions, the colleagues did well, and our trip ended with a creative and exciting programme.

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