Coffee break interview with the ClarUP Team

NEWS | Friday December 20th, 2019

Today we were talking to the Clarity ClarUP Team about ClarUP, and how it improves the innovation perspective and carrying out the new ideas.

Clarity: What is ClarUP and who are the members of the team?

ClarUP Team: ClarUP is the abbreviation of Clarity Meetup and this is the innovation forum of Clarity Consulting. It provides opportunity for colleagues to share their ideas. The ClarUP Team is keen to prepare the forum and make sure the agenda covers exciting topics and problems. Participation is recommended for all colleagues, as they can listen to the ideas of others and they can join a brand-new project, which takes surprising turns in many cases!

Clarity: What kind of topics are covered at a ClarUP event?

ClarUP Team: Any kind of idea can be shared by the colleagues. It is a platform to pre-validate a new idea. If a project team is enthusiastic to work on an idea, it can be developed to a pilot to be validated by the market. The structure of a presentation is completely free, but we encourage short pitches so colleagues can practice these techniques in a safe place.
If there is no new idea for the next forum, colleagues prepare interesting professional presentations and the participators try to figure out how it can be built into our service portfolio or daily operation.

Clarity: How long does the ClarUP exist and how often does it happen?

ClarUP Team: The first forum was organized in 2015 and we try to organise it every 2 months. Fortunately, several ideas have been realized since 2015.

Clarity: What kind of ideas have come up until now?

ClarUP Team: There is no limitation for the topics, so the recent years cover a very diverse scale. For example, sharing economy in delivery services, the new approach of data migration, optimization of user platforms, new solutions in database analysis. The last forum was about the intelligent speed bump to avoid road accidents by car.

Clarity: How many ideas have been realized?

ClarUP Team: Five of the presented ideas has resulted in a marketable product. Some of them were able to obtain EU development funds to finance their research and development.

Clarity: What inspires the colleagues to show up with new ideas on a ClarUP forum beside the project tasks?

ClarUP Team: In a consulting firm, the client always comes first. At the same time, it is important to create space for colleagues to execute their ideas and to think together about problems that are a little far away from their professional focus, to draw inspiration from each other’s ideas or even to get out of the everyday tasks. ClarUP forum provides a perfect opportunity, as there is no bad idea or comment here. It has a huge intellectual and teambuilding power, when colleagues with excellent abilities, different background and diverse perspective analyse an idea and improve it together.

Clarity: What methods do you use to improve the ideas?

ClarUP Team: A lot of question and new ideas come up related to a presentation. We usually try to converge the thinking by asking questions, but sometimes we tend to generate diverse thoughts. These occasions are also perfect for trying new techniques in groups, which can be rewarding later with clients.

Clarity: Thank you, wish you all the best!


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