Men In Pink – Together against breast cancer

NEWS | Thursday November 5th, 2020

We often mention that the education of our employees is extremely important to us, but at the same time it is also an integral part of our company policy to express our appreciation outside the office. At Clarity, we form a team not only as professionals but also as human beings, so we take care of each other as much as we can.

As you might know, October is the month of breast cancer awareness, so our CSR team sent out a call to our male colleagues. In the call, following the “Men for Women” principle, we asked them to express their solidarity and wear pink - then post a picture of themselves with the hashtag of #iwearitonmyheart.

Mellrákinfó csr

We are very happy to say that they wore their pink shirts and T-shirts so proudly, they looked just as good as professional male models. We would like to thank them for participating in this awareness program of Breast Cancer Association! This photo montage made of their pictures melts our heart:

Elég férfi vagy a rózsaszínhez_Clarity_montázs

Not all heroes wear capes - some wear pink

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