DALIA – Data Lineage made easy

NEWS | Wednesday October 17th, 2018

On GITEX, we are presenting unique tools we have developed in collaboration with University of Szeged, which are specifically designed for the analysis of large databases and data warehouses, to explore and evaluate such relational database systems and to come up with suggestions for further development. Let's talk about DALIA first.

In corporate IT environments we often face legacy Data Warehouses (DWHs) and transactional systems that has been continuously developed for 10+ years. Oftentimes hunders of developers work on these systems during their lifetime, while sometimes applying different development methodologies or conventions. These DWH system store vast amounts of data from dozens of source systems, this is why their size and complexity of ETL processes is increasing constantly. The lack of transparency becomes abundantly clear – when performance and reliability problems arise.

Thanks to our DALIA tool, native Oracle PL/SQL program elements could be explored automatically. DALIA calculates metrics and values for data connections, helping the tasks of modification and restructuring. Using the impact analysis module we can get an insight of costs and risks of planned modifications.

In our next post we will introduce you Dexter, our Database Structure Quality Assessment tool. And don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels (Facebook and LinkedIn) for more info about our participation on GITEX!


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