Improvement and Local Extension of the Municipal ASP System

NEWS | Friday June 14th, 2019

At the end of May, we completed our nearly two-year project in support of the Hungarian State Treasury and, indirectly, five other state organizations in the implementation of the KÖFOP project entitled “Improvement and Local Extension of the Municipal ASP System (ASP 2.0)”.

The aim of the project is to support the standardization of municipal tasks: the state provides central IT support for the fulfillment of official and management tasks within the framework of the ASP service (remote service center). In the task system of the project, Clarity played an important role in the planning of electronic administration, in the development of operational processes, in the active planning and coordination of system development tasks, of which in particular the test and release management of the integrated system and the implementation of the municipal data warehouse.

The project numbers are well illustrated by the following numbers:

  • 3197 affiliated municipalities and 219 self-governing municipal budget institutions
  • nearly 30,000 potential municipal users
  • 2114 educational days
  • nearly 200 testers
  • 5500 test cases

On the last day of our project, the Treasury's colleagues made a pleasant surprise for us. They appreciated our work and the results achieved together with kind words, a personal poem and a gift package.

Clarity_kommunikacio_20190613_Magyar Allamkincstar_posztkep

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