Data usage trends in agriculture

The Precision Farming and Agricultural-Informatics Conference and Exhibition (PREGA) took place on 7-8 February, which is Hungary's most important professional event on precision farming, agricultural digitalisation and development.

The agricultural sector in Hungary has long been known for its use of traditional farming practices, but with the rise of technological development, data trends are beginning to transform the industry. The use of data and technology to increase productivity and sustainability has become a major focus of EU agricultural funding programmes such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme.

The digitalisation of agriculture has multiplied the amount of agricultural data, which has huge potential for further exploitation. Our colleague Ottó Almacht gave a presentation on international trends in the exploitation of agricultural data assets in the Agricultural Data Space section of the conference, the summary of which can be found in Hungarian language here: Adathasználati trendek a mezőgazdaságban

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