We got the ISV Partner of the Year award for our new CPS software!

NEWS | Wednesday September 7th, 2022

We have turned decades of procurement support experience into an easy-to-use, innovative software product. With the Oriana Low Code Platform, we deliver fast and long-term solutions to our partners' complex and seemingly opaque task chains.

The professional gravity of the collaboration and the dedication of our colleagues was recognised by the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with the Partner of the Year award. The distinction was presented at the Partner Summit event, where our CEO, Péter Lackó, gave a presentation.

We have been following the market for a long time and have been helping our clients in many projects to automate and simplify procurement. We know that there are many challenges for the responsible colleagues in every project, which is why we have kept the following keywords in mind when developing our new CPS (cyber-physical system) software:


The program makes it easy to initiate claims, track the status of purchases and reduce lead times. Staff involvement can be simultaneously planned, tracked and managed.


An easy-to-navigate dashboard provides up-to-date information to help you make decisions quickly. Processes are transparent and intervention in the event of a hold-up is much easier.

Legal certainty

Legal controls are in place throughout the use of the system, so that decisions are fully compliant. Documents are easily searchable for various audits and data reporting.


Purchases can be analysed, making financial planning more accurate and operations more economical. Product licensing enables a tailored service.

Read more about the award-winning procurement support system here:

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