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NEWS | Friday October 12th, 2018

Dalia and Dexter

Our R & D project in Szeged, which we have been posting about several times over our social media channels, is now approaching to its end. In this project, we are dealing with the analysis of large databases and data warehouses, and we have developed unique tools that have only been seen by our major business partners so far but has not yet been open to the larger public. In cooperation with the University of Szeged, we have successfully developed objective rule-based systems and metrics that are able to evaluate the quality of a relational database system and formulate development suggestions.

- The Database Lineage and Impact Analyzer (DALIA) application is useful for refactoring Oracle data warehouses

- The Database Structure Quality Assessment (Dexter) application is used to analyze and improve the databases of individual development frontend systems.

The applications can be used in enterprise environments where custom-built systems are operating, supporting large relational databases.

So we are introducing these products on GITEX to the wider public, and after the revieling we hope to begin conquering international markets.

We are waiting for all interested parties at the Hungarian stand!


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