Orientation training 2018.

NEWS | Thursday October 4th, 2018

Getting a quick fit in when you got a new job is not an easy task to accomplish. For picking up the yarn easily, it is crucial to get all the necessary information in the beginning. We use to put a strong emphasis on continuous training of our colleagues, that is why we think that the regularly conducted professional trainings are a must.

This year we also organized an orientation training for new entrants, which was located in Dömös. In the wonderful surroundings, the fabulous Malom Guesthouse has given us a home for this 2 days. We had lunch and dinner in the Luis Restaurant, which is situated not far from the hotel on the bank of the River Danube, surrounded by the Börzsöny mountains.

The participants were able to listen to presentations about the history of the Company, so they could better understand the structure of the organization and the Company's strategy. They have been able to hear about internal policies, ratings, evaluations, and have questions about them. They also became acquainted with the wonders of project management and became richer with many corporate stories and experiences.

 We hope everyone got what they hoped for in these two days and nobody was left with unanswered questions.

Thanks to everyone for participation!

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