Breakthrough in our R+D project in Szeged

NEWS | Tuesday August 28th, 2018

By the beginning of the summer, we arrived at a significant milestone in our subproject for data structure analysis with our Szeged research and development team. Our colleague, Zoltán Fábián reported to our staff about the development processes and the accomplished tasks that did require great performance, without which we would not be here.

In the Szeged R+D project, we are developing a product that performs the exploration, evaluation and rating of the database structures of transactional systems, similarly to source code analysts already available for different programming languages. The main difference is that this product does not look at the source code quality, but the quality of Oracle database structures.

In cooperation with the University of Szeged, we have successfully developed objective rule-based systems and metrics that are able to evaluate the quality of a relational database system and formulate development suggestions.

The application can be used in enterprise environments where custom-built systems are operating, supporting large relational databases. It is important to note that users may use the software without a license fee until 31 December 2018.

We consider the positive results of this project an all company success, so each of our colleagues can be proud of themselves.


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