Orientation training – 2020.

NEWS | Wednesday October 21st, 2020

Again, we said goodbye to last week in a really good mood. This time we held an orientation training for our new colleagues. Just like our assertive communication training, it had to be postponed for a few months due to the pandemic. Because of this, we had some participating colleagues who have been members of our team for nearly half a year. But we wanted to organize this orientation afternoon anyway. Clarity_orientációs tréning_1

When employees get a new job, it can be really challenging in many ways. It helps to integrate easier if we provide them all the formal (and informal) information at the beginning. This way they can learn easier and faster, they don’t feel so lost. Because at Clarity, we put a strong emphasis on continuous training for colleagues, it’s not a question that we need to start from the beginning.

Our participants listened to presentations on the company’s history to know its past and present, to be able to see the big picture. In addition, they learned about the structure of the organization and the strategy of the company. They heared about internal policies, ratings and our own evaluation programme, and asked questions about these issues. They also became acquainted with the wonders of project management and gained knowledge of many corporate stories and experiences. Clarity_orientációs tréning_2

We also tried to make this training more interesting and understandable with some practical tasks. We really like team builder trainings like this, where our employees can learn a lot in a good mood.

As you can see in the pictures, the safety of our workers is still very important to us, so we tried to comply with the health regulations.

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