Assertive communication training at Clarity

NEWS | Thursday September 24th, 2020

As a consulting company, we consider it very important not only to make our clients' operational processes as efficient as possible, but also to make everything run smoothly within our own organization. And proper communication is essential for this.

Assertive communication could be really useful in personal life situations just as much as in the workplace. This allows us to deliver our message effectively to the other person, even in stressful, tense situations. The point is that we can communicate our feelings and expectations in a calm, confident and honest way.

We have wanted to organize a training where we can learn and practice assertive communication techniques, but due to the virus, we had to postpone this coaching, which was originally scheduled for spring. To our great delight, we managed to keep it at the end of last week, in cooperation with the Assertive Academy.

Taking advantage of the nice weather, we sat out on the patio of the office so we could follow the rules and keep distance. As you can see in the picture, the training was very entertaining, we learned a lot about each other, ourselves and effective communication.

Clarity_webhír_20200924_asszertív komm tréning

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