Introducing e-Paper – A new service for simplifying official administration

NEWS | Wednesday August 16th, 2017

A new e-goverment pilot service called „e-Paper” has just started. The e-Paper helps the authenticated users to send message towards the connected offices and organisations. The e-Paper can be submitted in every administrative case which has not got own specific, structured form.

The National Council For Telecommunications And Information Technology contracted Clarity to take part in planning and developing the service in the perspective of user experience. Clarity applied its own awarded brand – ErgonomX evaluation system and methodology – to define the requirements and aspects which are the most important in

  • the core functions,
  • the user interface,
  • the operation of the application,
  • the user experience and
  • the error handling.

The main challenge was that every Hungarian citizen would be a possible user, so during designing we had to strive to define the service according to the demografic spectrum and the users’ heterogenity in IT competences.. That is why our design principles were the following:

  • simplicity,
  • providing information,
  • preventing data entry mistakes.

You can reach e-Paper here (only in Hungarian because of the pilot operation), and get more information about the ErgonomX here.

Clarity_fb poszt_20170816_e-Papir

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