How the 2021 Clarity Challenge went

NEWS | Friday November 19th, 2021

It's always exciting to step out of the everyday routine and let your creativity run wild, but if you can do it in good company, you're guaranteed to have a blast.

Unfortunately, last year's trip was cancelled due to the COVID epidemic, so after an adventurous start (the tram ripped the door off our bus) we didn't waste any time, but went straight into the adventure, which as usual had a lot of surprises in store for the team. As it turned out, we headed first for the Bodri winery. Here, the more adventurous explored the vineyard with an off-road wine tour, while those looking for relaxation went on a pleasant culinary exploration, sampling the best wines of the Szekszárd wine region.


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In the evening, heated sauna and wellness awaited us at the Zichy Park Hotel to recharge our batteries after the long journey and the many activities. This was a great success, and the dinner with a few drinks helped a lot to get everyone in a great mood for the inevitable Clarity party.

The next morning's programme was a quick wake-up call, as it turned out that there was going to be a „soapbox” derby, which Lighthouse Training helped us organise. Using a few "vehicle" parts, cardboard boxes and other creative props, the 8 teams each had to build a car that - as well as being able to move and have a driver in it - had as many visual and functional extras as possible. The teams first had a chance to test their skills in a stylish car show, followed by an exciting car race where teams could show what their car could do on the race track - powered by two "man-power" engines.

The next morning, we had a crate derby hosted by Lighthouse Training. Using some spare parts, paper and cardboard, the 8 teams had to build a car that one person could sit in. After a stylish presentation of the cars, a small competition followed where everyone could show what two "man-power" propulsion systems could do.

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After the derby, we had a short rest, and in the afternoon, we divided the company into 4 teams and had a cooking competition, where we cooked stews in a pot, so we didn't have to worry about dinner. Afterwards, of course, there was the usual party, although it was a little more sedate than the previous evening. On Saturday morning, after a breakfast together, we headed home a little tired but with a lot of experiences. It was a great trip, we had a great time together for two and a half days!

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