Clarity’s first Data Visualization Competition

NEWS | Friday October 30th, 2020

The first data visualization competition within the company took place a couple of days ago. The central theme of the event was the analysis of keywords (Google Search Trends) entered into the Google search engine, which provided enough space for our competitors to live out their creativity. Based on the rules of the competition, the task of the participating colleagues was to create an interface / dashboard with quality visualization and logical storytelling.

 Unsurprisingly, most of the works were mainly trying to capture the effect of the coronavirus from different perspectives. Some presented a brief analysis of changes in leisure activities, but there were also some competitors who tried to track changes in people’s mobility habits with the help of obtained data. Of course, due to the vigorous stock market movements under the coronavirus lockdown, the analysis of the hypotheses regarding the change in the demand for Hungarian securities could not be left out of the palette. In addition to those listed above, there were also participants who measured the popularity of Big4 companies or news about Elon Musk based on searches in recent years.

 We hereby congratulate our colleague, Misi Darányi again, who became the winner with his mobility habits analysis! And thank you all for participating!


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