Professional presentations, gardening and painting exhibition

NEWS | Thursday May 31st, 2018

Something is always happening around our house! We recently begun reconstructing the garden of our office building, while indoors we were able to admire the artistic works of our colleague Noémi and another colleague, Ottó's daughter’s paintings. The paintings are not just impressive, but their messages are also captivating, as they show some really deep human feelings. It was a real joy to admire them!

We also had a professional day, with our colleagues presenting for the audience about the most current professional topics. We had three well-compiled presentations about different products of ours, and a freshly returned colleague from Dubai told us about his professional experiences abroad. In addition to this, there were a lot of lectures on the projects that were already underway, about client experiences, how the work was done, and which product was born under which circumstances, and of course a lot of conclusions were made, and a lot of valuable experience has been shared with us.

In addition to the professional presentations, we informed our colleagues about the internal operational development plans, both in terms of the GDPR and of the ISO’s, as well as the introduction of the Control System. There was also a lot of talk about Knowledge Sharing: here we’ve been presented with possible new products, processes and systems that were not yet known fo us, and our lecturers thought that our company can benefit from implementing their ideas.

We can say that our professional day was spent in a good mood, and at the end of the day we had a terrace party where we could sit down with our colleagues for some nice and pleasant conversations.

You can see the photos of the painting exhibition here, and for the steps of the garden architecting click here.

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