Dexter – Database Structure Quality Assesment

NEWS | Thursday October 18th, 2018

Let us introduce to you the other one of the two applications presented by our colleagues on GITEX Technology Week. The Database Structure Quality Assessment (Dexter) application is used to analyze and improve the databases of self-developed frontend systems.

Several large systems are in operation at our enterprise partners (like a CRM), which have a long history, still being developed continuously on a daily basis. These companies rarely have a thorough and strict written ruleset regarding database structures that every developer must obey. If they happen to have such rules regarding table structures, keys or indexes, it is rarely verified whether patches adhere to regulations.

Thanks to our Database Structure Assessment tool, regular analysis of OLTP database structures is now available. It is important to focus on naming conventions, indexes, foreign keys and constraints because related best practices support optimal performance and maintainability.

So briefly Dexter is a solution capable of measuring the quality of database models or structures. Its operation is similar to static source code analysis tools, but it does not work on programming languages, rather on the implemented database structure itself. It helps to understand which actions could be made to increase the performance, maintainability or scalability of the implemented database model.

Dexter works offline on database models, so live database connection is not needed.


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