Congratulations to our colleague for his newest certification

NEWS | Tuesday September 24th, 2019

Our colleague, Ottó managed to succesfully finish Forrester’s CX Foundations - CX Pro course, and learned about building and implementing CX, as well as improving and analysing exprerience.

Brands have embraced CX as a growth engine, building up teams to lead initiatives aimed at creating better experiences for customers. In order to effectively drive CX initiatives forward, all CX team members need a consistent working knowledge of customer experience concepts.

LI Badge CX-I 07.2019

Forrester’s CX Foundations course offers employees the opportunity to learn the core CX skills needed to initiate end-to-end CX projects.

A short introduction to the course:

  • Crafting a customer experience vision: building an authentic, inspiring, and mobilizing brand vision.
  • Building A Customer-Centric Culture: controlling cultural changes over a long transformation.
  • Conducting CX Research: discover the right research methods to succeed.
  • Measuring CX: establish and implement a CX measurement program.

Learn more about the course:

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