Clarity has joined the Artificial Intelligence Coalition

NEWS | Friday May 28th, 2021

During its 20 years of existence, Clarity contributes to the success of its clients with its business consulting experience and innovative technology solutions.

In these 20 years, our company has gained significant data warehousing experience on several projects of several customers. As a result, our company has developed innovative products that serve ever-changing market needs.

We believed that with our professional knowledge we could successfully support the mission of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition, so we submitted our application to join… And we are pleased to announce that Clarity Consulting has been admitted to the Coalition.

The Hungarian Artificial Intelligence Coalition was founded upon the initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in order to „connect stakeholders in business, research, academia and government in the field of artificial intelligence to prepare the Hungarian economy and society for the AI revolution.”

How do we plan to contribute to this goal?

  • By distributing our products, we support Hungary's position of development in the field of AI developments.
  • With our products, we strengthen the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the field of data asset management.
  • Our products could also generate a domestic and international partner relationship for further developments.


Which products are they?

One of our products is DALIA, which we developed in partnership with the University of Szeged within the framework of GINOP-2.1.1-15. It is a stream analysis software that makes it easier to discover, evaluate, and make development suggestions for database systems. Exploration allows data relationships and programmed relationships to be analyzed, facilitating modification and redesign tasks.

Our other featured product is a data migration framework that provides a closed methodology and technology for the entire migration project. It reduces costs and risks and speeds up development and testing processes. The product is currently being developed as a part of an RDI tender.

Which of our services support the exploitation of products?

To use our products in a customer compatible and efficient way, thorough tooling and implementation planning is required, including requirements, source systems and reporting needs.

Supporting the design, development and implementation of the operational models, processes and policies associated with the data warehouse and business intelligence tools provides a robust, clean framework for using the deployed data warehouse and business intelligence architecture.

At the end of the data exploitation process, we can achieve a decision-driven way of running an organisation through a unified data visualisation methodology and agile dashboard and report development.

Overall, these have enabled us to design and effectively support the implementation of successful sectoral data warehouses, and to produce policy analyses and publications that greatly facilitate optimal decision-making. We hope that the cooperation will be prosperous and that we will be able to report many interesting details about the projects.

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