Forrester became the analyst firm of the year

NEWS | Monday December 9th, 2019

We would like to share with you that our official business partner, Forrester is the analyst firm of the year – elected by none less than IIAR, the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations.

Representatives of IIAR about the event:

„At the IIAR> we believe in taking a stance and recognising greatness when we see it -an approach we find more impactful than sprinkling awards to dozens of “winners”.”

At the IIAR> London Christmas Party kindly sponsored by HCL, we celebrated the top industry analysts and firms of the year. The IIAR> surveyed analyst relations professionals globally and from diverse industries, predictably casting a wide net on coverage areas. The evaluation used the IIAR SOSM methodology, to reflect the best practice promoted within the IIAR> looking at not only perceived sales impact, but also strategic insights, resonance in the media and ease of doing business with.

This year’s Analyst Firm of the Year award was hotly contested. After four years in the lead with IDC and Forrester jockeying for second place on the podium – which Forrester finally succeeded in.
The IIAR> Firm Of The Year 2019 is Forrester

“Well done to Forrester for coming on top this year, earning praise from analyst relations professionals for its thought leadership and agility.“
Ludovic Leforestier / IIAR> Board Member

Congratulations by Clarity Consulting Kft.!
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