Clarity Consulting is again a member of VTMSZ

NEWS | Tuesday March 19th, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Clarity Consulting is selected once again as a member of the Hungarian Association of Management Consultants. Last year, we mentioned that our chairman, László Ternyik, was in the presidency.

We find that VTMSZ's strategy has changed a lot in recent years. They came closer to the needs of consultancy firms like Clarity Consulting. For example, projects such as "Be a Counselor", which are designed to establish direct contact with young graduates and interested in counseling at home universities, and associate them with adventurous advisory firms for fresh resources, seem to be a convincing value proposition. That's why we thought that after a long hiatus, we would join the membership of VTMSZ again. We hope that this cooperation will be fruitful for both parties.


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