Dog days here – snowing there

NEWS | Tuesday August 14th, 2018

Apart from their professional commitment and high level of expertise, our colleagues spend their leisure time in various ways. Many surveys have confirmed that the greatest ideas are born after a hearty mental or physical recreation in the minds of those returning for work. That is why we support so much our employees to regularly spend time with their hobbies.

As we mentioned it last year, in the fall of 2017, one of our colleagues set the flag of our company on a small uninhabited island in the Caribbean while our other employee walked up to the highlands of Africa to look for further business opportunities.

But this year's summer is not less exciting as one of our adventurous colleagues recently conquered the peak of the highest mountain of the Caucasus, Elbrus. It is a refreshing feeling to think of these snowy experiences, as we struggle to endure the dog days here in Hungary.

Clarity kommunikacio_Posztkep_20180814_Elbrusz csucsa

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