Predictions 2019: CIOs, Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse

NEWS | Thursday November 8th, 2018

For 2019, Forrester predicts that CIOs will focus on providing the proper foundations while taking a measured approach to innovation. Yes, the CIO will be counted on for innovation, but Forrester predicts a shift away from the AI/blockchain/tech-of-the-day moonshot to a more methodical approach to innovation that focuses on the customer and revenue while utilizing metrics to benchmark and improve.

To deliver, though, CIOs will need to recognize that their ability to innovate is stunted by a foundation that is anything but flexible or agile. Forrester predicts that growth in back-office technology will accelerate, hitting 5% as CIOs deliver a customer-obsessed operating model that is fast, connected, and insights-driven.

Find out more about this topic from Forrester Analyst Matthew Guarini here:

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