Smart Parking System

NEWS | Thursday May 24th, 2018

Smart Parking - our home innovating competition has arrived at another milestone. Back in December, LAB (Clarity's Innovation Division) tried to create a solution to the following problem: looking from the direction of the street, there is no indication of whether there is any room left in Clarity's internal parking lot. If you drove in but could not succeed to park, you have to revert back to the street in a very narrow path, which is uncomfortable and dangerous too. The size of our company is constantly growing, more and more colleagues have their own car, and it is also possible that a parked area will be built in the surrounding streets, so it is likely that the parking situation will be even more complicated in the future.

Based on the solution proposals of the 3 competing teams, the jury and the audience finally chose the Smart Parking System as the winner, and we have already started to implement their plan.

With the leadership of the winning team, we began to work on the construction of a sensory parking system. All the necessary raw materials have arrived, and we started to compile the central control unit of this smart system – for which we asked the professional help of our welder colleagues who brought with tem the soldering-iron, tweezers, vises and all kinds of other tools needed for the job. You can see the resulting products on the photos taken on the event.

The next events will take place in June (16th and 23rd) - where all of our colleagues are welcome. According to our plans, the construction of the parking system will be completed on these two Saturdays, and it will be available to use from July for both of our colleagues and our dear guests.

We would like to thank for the help of the welders’ and of our colleagues’, as well as for the delicious cookies served as an energy supply.

Clarity_kommunikacio_20180518_Okos parkolas[1]

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