Innovative technologies and effective solutions – GISEC and IoTx

NEWS | Thursday May 10th, 2018

Between the 2nd and 4th of April, we participated in two world-famous and recognized conferences in the United Arab Emirates, which are unavoidable in professional circles. With the spectacular features of the imposing building of the Dubai World Trade Center, exhibitors were able to attract a lot of attention.

It is no coincidence that the technologically most advanced city of the Middle East hosts the IoTx conference. We encountered such exciting topics as the relationship between intelligent cities and traffic optimization, the digitalization of the physical world and IoT solutions using artificial intelligence, and the use of cognitive computing in the autonomous reaction of cities to a change.

The GISEC Expo and Conference was as much interesting as the previous one mentioned above. The world's most talented inventors talked about future technologies, professional oil and gas presentations were held by world-class computer security specialists, and the unique cyber-challenges of the BFSI sector were also presented, and those are only a few of the topics of the conference.

These couple of days have been spent extensively usefully in Dubai. We did not only attended interesting presentations, but we also met a lot of excellent specialists. We absolutely wish to come back next year!

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