Sporty charity by Clarity

NEWS | Wednesday April 14th, 2021

This year we are celebrating a great anniversary, as Clarity is 20 years old! So we are launching an exciting, sporty initiative devised by the Clarity Sports Circle and the CSR team.

Fortunately, the restrictions are eased, so we will also have more space to keep our colleagues healthy and to support good causes. We were pleased to see that our sporty, dynamic - and last but not least ready-for-action - team took the opportunity right away, and in the first few hours since the announcement, nearly 20 of our colleagues had already responded to the call.

What is it about?

We invited our colleagues to do some „charity sports” as we try to seize every opportunity to support charitable initiatives. The point is that they can collect miles every week using the forms of exercise they choose (walking, running, hiking, biking, swimming, rowing). Up to 20 km per week, for each kilometer, Clarity will support a charity organization with HUF 20, which will be selected by the CSR team at the end of the year.

Clarity webhir_kep1_A 20 eves Clarity sporttal segit_20210421

We considered important to highlight that everyone should do as much exercise as they can and are willing to. It can be more and also less than 20 km, and it is not a stipulation that only one specified sport can be done, different types of movement can be combined. And if someone wants to collect kilometers in a sport not listed above, that also can be solved.

We are ready and hope to motivate others to take similar initiatives throughout the year!

Clarity webhir_kep2_A 20 eves Clarity sporttal segit_20210421

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