Orientation training for our new colleagues

NEWS | Friday July 28th, 2017

When you get a new job, there is a lot to be done to get a quick fit in the new environment. Getting all the necessary information in the beginning makes it easy to pick up the yarn. We at Clarity have a strong emphasis on continuous training of our colleagues, so we regularly conduct various professional trainings. Recently, we kept an orientation program for our newest colleagues.

Within the two-and-a-half day training sessions, we aimed at the most effective professional briefing of newly recruited colleagues. We tried to provide as much practical and useful information as possible about our company, our projects and organization, and any other issues related to our company, thus facilitating their initiatory work and their integration.

We tried to break the unanimity of lectures presenting theoretical knowledge with a few practical exercises and with some games, making it also fun for our new colleagues to participate in our orientation training.

We would like to keep our good habit on the basis of these latest positive experiences.

Clarity_KEP_20170728_Orientacios trening_3

Clarity_KEP_20170728_Orientacios trening_1

Clarity_KEP_20170728_Orientacios trening_4

Clarity_KEP_20170728_Orientacios trening_5

Clarity_KEP_20170728_Orientacios trening_6

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