Coffee Break Interview – CSR Activities in Clarity

NEWS | Tuesday April 30th, 2019

Clarity  In this episode of our series we interview the CSR team of Clarity. The CSR has already been in Clarity for several years, but what is CSR exactly?

CSR        CSR is an abbreviation for Corporate Social Responsibility. Basically, it is an organized form of philanthropy where besides individual undertakings the company itself is also dedicated to activities that positively impact the society.

Clarity  What sort of CSR activities are we talking about exactly?

CSR        We could list numerous CSR activities but because of time shortage, we will only allude to the most important ones. For instance, environmental protection is a prominent CSR activity group which involves the protection of both inhabited and uninhabited areas, and the protection of flora and fauna. Other areas worth mentioning are providing help for disadvantaged social groups and promoting sustainable development.

If we approach this question by naming concrete activities then voluntary work and donation, both monetary and in-kind, would definitely be on the top of the list. But any activities belong here that may contribute to the goals described above with a little awareness.

Clarity  When was the Clarity CSR founded and how many people participate in this initiative?

CSR        The CSR activities started in 2011 and since then, with some interruptions, the CSR ship always had a captain. Currently, the CSR team has 4 regular members but we might as well mention here almost half of our colleagues who are all active participants. They are the ones who make our operation sustainable.

Clarity  What sort of activities were carried out in the past years?

CSR        Again, we would refrain from providing an exhaustive account on all our activities. In the past years, we organized several events ranging from the refurbishment of a schoolyard and repainting hospital rooms to clothing collection for donation. We have a traditional Christmas fundraising event and also, we have on-off aid programs reacting to acute needs.

Clarity  What are your plans for the year 2019?

CSR        We put together an ambitious plan for the year 2019. This year, we would like to involve as many areas of CSR as possible in our programs. The following events are included in our offering:

  • restarting the now suspended clothing donation
  • optimization of our waste recycling efforts
  • bench installation and tree planting in a welfare institution
  • organizing blood donation
  • Christmas fundraising
  • targeted fundraising
  • organizing car-free days
  • promoting public transport
  • supporting the sport activities of our colleagues

Clarity  Were any of these already realized?

CSR        Due to a tragic event, provision of targeted donation was already needed. We organized a fundraising to help students who are affected by the fire that burned down the student accommodation of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Besides this fundraising, we have already organized the first blood donation event for our colleagues. Moreover, we also bought two MOL BuBi[1]  passes to promote protecting our environment.

Clarity  Thank you for this short introduction.


If you have any query about the CSR Team of Clarity then feel free to contact them directly at


[1] MOL BuBi is a bicycle sharing network in Budapest, Hungary. Its name is a playful contraction Budapest and Bicikli (bicycle in Hungarian), meaning "bubble" in an endearing manner.


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