Successfully passed qualification audit

NEWS | Monday April 27th, 2020

Quality management can even be considered as a production tool, with the help of which any organization can make its operation regulated and systematized. Due to the systematic nature, the management has continuous feedback and information in its constant decision-making, and at the same time compliance with an international standard is achieved, which leads to a certified status. We have successfully accomplished this year’s annual qualification audit, which was held online this time. Thanks to the conscientious work of our colleagues, now we can continue to operate with the renewed quality management system up to the next audit.

We would like to thank our colleagues, among others the office staff who worked hard in the preparation, the lecturers who impressed the auditor by presenting their projects and especially to the ISO Team.

In the future, we will encourage our project managers to prepare and close projects throughout the year in accordance with the ISO standard. Congratulations to the whole team again!


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