Robotic Process Automation – RPA

RPA strategy preparation
We help our clients develop the organization's RPA strategy, with the purpose of supporting the implementation of thoughtful, methodic and expected results, while keeping the organization's priorities in mind.
Our Solutions
Our RPA strategy development methodology
  • exploring the automation potential of the organization, including the definition of robotizable elements, complexity testing, analysis of their savings potential, process improvement needs, and
  • based on the above, preparing the medium and long-term RPA strategic plan of the organisation
Robotization of processes / activities
We provide support to our clients in the design and implementation of the RPA processes / activities performed by software robots. The main field of application of RPA is the replacement of often repetitive administrative manual actions performed in one or more systems, to automatized steps executed by a software robot, e.g. data transfers between systems, vendor e-invoice registration in core system, matching incoming transfers to vendor invoice, account closing, etc. It does not require modifications of existing IT systems or system integration tasks.
Our Solutions
We provide support in robotizing processes / activities
  • in optimizing the process to be automated as needed
  • in providing a detailed specification based on the needs of the area(s) affected by robotization
  • in parameterizing / developing the software robot
  • in the business implementation of software robots (testing, educating, process documentation, implementation support)
Our client, a water and sewerage service provider company wanted its vendor invoice scanning processes and their transfer into SAP system to be automatized. With our RPA solution, today, all e-invoices in PDF format, as well as those arriving in XML files, are automatically scanned and stored in the ERP without human touch. As a result of robotization, at our client, the above processing time of e-invoices has been reduced by 80%. It took only 3.5 weeks to complete the solution.  
Complete implementation of RPA system
Includes RPA strategy development and process / activity robotization, which allows our clients to access complex RPA services across their departments

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