BI and data platforms

Design of data warehousing solutions
We deliver efficient data warehousing solutions that represent real business value, built on software components and developmental processes based on our experience of over a decade in data warehousing development.
Our Solutions
PWM: a solution for process scheduling, optimization and controlling for data warehouses. MISKA: data management platform adaptable to enterprise infrastructures, with adjustable parameters.
BI audit and selection
Significant investments were made in the enterprise environment in the fields of data platforms, BI tools, and the development of related organizational skills. Using our services, our clients will be able to exploit potential areas for development, in order to improve their organizational BI skills.
Visualization, analysis and modeling
We offer solutions for our clients to help turn their available data assets into information leading to a competitive advantage, flexibly and efficiently.
Big data and nosql data platforms
We provide solutions for data processing requiring extreme computing capacity, as well as for handling non-structured data and converting it into valuable information.

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