Business process management & efficiency improvement

Business process management
Through the purposeful management of business processes, organizational performance improves permanently. We provide support through developing and implementing customized Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies, procedures and solutions, combining people, processes and technology in order to improve organizational performance and customer value.
Our Solution
Business process management and business process control methodology and regulations for organizations
Modeling processes and IT architectur
We support process-based developments (such as process improvement, technological integration or the implementation of IT systems) through the professional modeling of business processes and IT architectures.
Our Solution
We carry out our process management activities as the Hungarian partner of the MEGA Enterprise Architecture Software, with thorough expertise in ARIS and Microsoft products.
Complex public administration management
We provide complex professional consultancy services for development projects in the public sector through combining the administrative, operational, IT, internal and external regulations with the process-based aspects of system and operational development projects, in order to accomplish successful and efficient project implementation.
Organizational development
We assist organizations with their rationalization and consolidation efforts, combining people, processes and technology through process assessment and optimization, as well as through planning the allocation of related human or IT resources.
Our solution
Resource-planning methodology (CMT) developed by our in-house experts.