Data and information quality management

Design of information management strategy
We provide our customers with services that allow them to successfully operate and control their organization by ensuring that all required information is available on time, in the right place, and in good quality.
Implementation of data quality management solutions
We eliminate our clients’ data quality issues by preparing the organization to improve its skills. We help our clients introduce efficient, corrective IT-measures in order to reach appropriate data quality.
Our Solutions
DQM Pro: data quality management solution for either continuous or campaign-like improvement of data quality that can also be provided as a standalone software for our clients.
DupKer: a high performance data matching and duplication search engine, capable of solving data integrity and deduplication tasks.
MaJa: a data cleansing and management module for efficient and controlled data correction, allowing manual and semi-automatic processing.
Implementation of data migration and validation
We ensure the transfer of data required for daily operation to new IT systems by migrating it from discontinued IT systems and other related data sources. Our methodology and applied technological solutions guarantee that the migration process will be successfully finished within the available time window, in an auditable way, and within an appropriate scope. We also meet the transformational rules and data validation requirements of new IT systems.
Our Solutions
MTE:our self-developed data migration testing software for effective exploration and analysis of migration errors and deficiencies.

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