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High-performance migration management solution

Our international mobile telco operator client has selected our migNon solution to support an ambitious migration program in order to migrate its full BSS application portfolio into a new integrated system. Using migNon, team members could focus on the migration business logic as the system managed the environments automatically by creating, building up and initializing database tables. MigNon also provides an integrated framework to implement the migration logic and documents the results enabling the usage of migNon’s meta-language as well any other external scripts (e.g. MySQL, Linux scripts etc.) In each migration run migNon automatically executes a comprehensive verification process to check the completeness and efficiency of the migration input files to provide feedback for quick fixes - avoiding long migration runs that finally terminates with errors. MigNon’s run-time monitoring feature enables immediate run time interventions when necessary. Thanks to its master-slave architecture, the system has real parallel processing capabilities that make it possible to process around 1 billion records in less than seven hours.

Results in numbers:

  • 12 source systems
  • 195 input files, 200 output files
  • 1 parallel migNon engines (1 master and 6 slaves)
  • 180 GB data extracted
  • 200 post conversion verification, 8 parallel threads
  • Nearly 1 billion records within 7 hours
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