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Assessment of IT / BSS infrastructure in telco sector

Our client is a top 3 integrated telecommunications provider with headquarters in Athens, Greece decided to significantly improve its business performance in order to maximize its competitiveness on the market. Among the other areas the IT / BSS systems operation was a focal point of the desired improvements.

Our experts performed a high level assessment of the IT / BSS infrastructure, focusing on billing and CRM & provisioning systems and architecture, the systems integration, reporting & BI functionality as well as the IT organization and functions.

Based on the impact of the expected technology and business changes on the IT / BSS systems and processes we evaluated the ability of the existing systems to satisfy current and future demands and analyzed the major gaps and areas for improvement. Based on the results of the gap analysis, we recommended actions and projects to be performed to align the systems with the requirements. A high-level roadmap had also been developed, with consideration to the dependencies and priorities of the projects.

Results in numbers:

  • 10+ interviews
  • Nearly 30 problem areas discovered
  • 2 major areas for improvement identified
  • 8 actions / projects defined
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