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Running time optimization of thousands of batch processes

Our client is an international commercial bank that maintains several thousand batch programs to be executed robustly and strictly in an appropriate order during each day's closing process. Despite parallel processing, operations department had to face long run time every day having non-utilized IT system capacities at the same time. As a result of the introduction of PWM, the run time of the daily closing process immediately shortened at about 40%. The utilization of the IT infrastructure started to grow, thanks to the PWM's self-learning and adapting capabilities which resulted in additional run time reduction. During the implementation, we explored the dependencies of the batch processes and for better maintenance, we organized them into process groups. We built up a graph structure reducing the dependencies between the groups as much as possible. PWM provides the IT operation staff with an intuitive user interface that enables real-time monitoring, error detection, and troubleshooting.


Results in numbers:

  • Runs 4,000+ batch programs within a single framework
  • Handles 10+ different databases simultaneously
  • Run time decreased by 50%
  • Zero delay in starting troubleshooting
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