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Re-engineering and visualization of a complex, large-scale data warehouse

Our international commercial banking client's data warehouse has been operating for many years, storing a huge amount of information from an ever increasing number of new applications as well as applications that are not in use anymore. The continuously increasing size of databases and complexity of data structures resulted in more and more untraceable program structures. The system became too complex to be transparent, not only for the business users but for the analysts and developers as well. The system documentation couldn't contribute to data flow mapping anymore. Thanks to our deSQL tool, hidden program elements and their relations became fully uncovered and explored. By utilizing deSQL, business analysts can easily identify the impact of any changes in the system. The tool also enables the developers to visually track the whole data stream, fostering quicker implementation at higher quality.

Results in numbers:

  • 6,000,000+ program lines processed
  • 200+ schema relations explored
  • 7,000+ table relations discovered
  • 100,000+ links between data elements documented
  • 20 minutes of total processing time
  • 1 automatically generated, uniform data warehouse documentation
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