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Data warehouse development and support as a strategic vendor

Our client is an international commercial bank maintaining a TOP 3 retail banking operation in Hungary. We had the opportunity to provide the design and implementation services for the first phase of the bank’s data warehouse project in 2006 and Clarity is a strategic partner of the bank since then in data warehouse design and development areas. Besides custom developed data warehouse processes the bank’s BI infrastructure leverages some of Clarity’s innovative products such as PWM batch process optimization engine, several modules of MISKA unified data management and reporting solution and deSQL data warehouse visualization and re-engineering tool.

Our company not only developed the technical parts of the data warehouse but also designed and developed data marts for several business areas like

  • Controlling and risk management reporting data mart for the Austrian headquarter
  • Capital requirements calculation data mart
  • Anti-money laundering data mart
  • IFRS9 data mart
  • Forbearance reporting data mart
  • Behavioral scoring data mart
  • Operational customer relationship management data mart
  • Customer churn modeling data mart


Results in numbers

  • 10+ years of strategic partnership
  • Successful introduction of 20+ data marts
  • Daily loading processes with 500+ million records
  • Successful integration of 50+ source systems
  • 0 manual interaction - fully automatized data loading and archiving processes
  • 1,500+ users of the data warehouse
  • 0 fatal errors in the last ten years
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