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Implementation and roll-out of the Retail Information System in oil sector

While changing the POS terminals in its network of Hungarian and Romanian petrol stations, our client decided to redevelop also the related back-office and head-office systems. Our experts took part in the development of the business model for this system characterized by complex functionality and the preparation of the detailed implementation specification. We planned, ran and managed the developer and user tests in close cooperation with the developers’ team. After successful user acceptance tests we prepared the training and rollout concept and the detailed scenario and then we managed the whole rollout process. Following the system go-live, we supported the set-up and preparation of the client-side operational and user support team. Our colleagues played an important role in the complete system planning, development and implementation lifecycle greatly contributing to the successful system implementation.


Results in numbers:

  • +20 developer years
  • +350 adapted filling stations
  • +3500 hungarian and roman users


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