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Designing and QA of a Data Vault based data warehouse system

Our client as the central securities depository (CDS) in Hungary and a leading CSD in Central Eastern Europe offers innovative solutions and keeps investing into state-of-the-art technologies. Building an integrated data warehouse played an essential role in its IT and business strategy. Clarity got the opportunity to design a green field data warehouse system and was also responsible for the project management and quality assurance of the implementation. Our incremental data warehouse development approach was perfectly supported by the applied Data Vault modelling methodology. It resulted a very flexible data warehouse system that enabled the immediate usage of the new functional capabilities at each iteration. Company data asset became available historically for executive and supervisory reports with a reduction of manual intervention which resulted in less resource demand and cost saving.

Results in numbers:

  • Handling more than 800 transaction types
  • Loading 1,000 database tables daily
  • Supporting 4 data marts
  • Creating 120 regular reports
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